World Earth Day with a commitment to ESG investing

As we celebrate World Earth Day, GSB is proud to highlight our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. Our approach not only aligns with the growing trend towards responsible investment but also integrates with our core values of sustainability and our ethical business practices.

ESG World Earth Day - GSB

The rise of the conscious consumer

Recent data, including a December 2022 survey by Travel Weekly, shows that 69% of consumers are increasingly inclined to make sustainable choices. This consumer behaviour is reflected in the financial sector as well, where ESG-oriented assets account for a substantial share of the global assets under management—estimated between 30% to 40% of the $100 trillion managed worldwide. By 2030 Global ESG assets predicted to hit $40 trillion by 2030 according to Bloomberg.

GSB’s ESG investment framework

At GSB, we have developed an ESG portfolio that adheres to our stringent guiding principles of investment:

Environmental Integrity

Our commitment covers extensive environmental aspects such as energy use, climate change, emissions control, biodiversity, and land use. This includes careful management of operational impacts and supply chain interactions to mitigate environmental degradation.

Upholding Human and Labour Rights

Our investment criteria are designed to protect and enhance human and labour rights globally, from promoting civil liberties to overseeing labour conditions in supply chains.

Strong Governance

We monitor our investments for adherence to high standards of corporate governance, screening out potential investments involved in bribery, fraud, or controversial practices.

Customer Focus

Our portfolios prioritise customer safety, privacy, and ethical interactions, ensuring that all business practices respect and protect consumer rights.

These principles are evaluated using the MSCI ESG Controversies tool, which assesses global companies against 28 critical indicators to ensure compliance with our ethical standards.

Planting seeds of change: Introducing Treefo with Feefo

In an exciting development, GSB is pleased to announce our partnership with Feefo on their new sustainability initiative, Treefo. For every review our clients leave, a tree will be planted. This not only allows us to gather invaluable feedback but also supports reforestation efforts and carbon offset projects globally. 

Why Treefo?

This initiative stems from our belief in making a positive impact on the planet while engaging with our clients. Feefo has collaborated with Ecologi, a leader in climate solutions, to ensure that each tree planted contributes to sustainable and community-focused reforestation projects.

Join us

We encourage all our clients to participate in this unique opportunity to help the environment. By sharing your feedback through Feefo, you are actively contributing to reforestation and helping GSB in our mission to support sustainable investment practices.

Speak to us today to learn more about how you can contribute through your investment choices and our new partnership with Feefo. Together, we can make a world of difference.

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