When it rains, it pours

With Alison, the children, and I having moved back to the UK for a few months, the Spring weather of April showers has lived up to its name. That said, Dubai followed suit mid-month with a storm not seen for over 75 years, with some of the worst weather and flooding experienced in living memory. I hope you, your family and friends are all safe and well.

GSB 2024

With the business focus on expansion, the market landscape is ripe with potential, and we are well-positioned to capitalise. As I have messaged in the past, we have a clear vision, a talented team, and the resources to propel us to new heights. In the coming months, you’ll see us:

  • Scaling Our Operations: The UK market presents many opportunities, and we’re committed to expanding our footprint there. This will allow us to serve a wider customer base and solidify our position as a leader in cross-border advice.
  • Building a Dream Team: Our success hinges on attracting and retaining the best minds in the industry. We’ll continue to invest in recruiting top talent, fostering a dynamic work environment where individuals can thrive.
  • Capitalising on New Frontiers: Launching our Capital division marks a significant step forward. This strategic move opens doors to exciting new ventures, further diversifying our offering and strengthening our proposition.

Life reminders

A few weeks back, I was humbled to visit and spend time with my great friend and client, Gary Rhodes. Unfortunately, Gary was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in September 2023.

Based in Devon, Gary wanted to turn a negative into a positive, and so, along with his friends and family, organised a charity walk to raise awareness and support research for Prostate Cancer UK.

Feefo partnership and World Earth Day

In an exciting development, GSB is pleased to announce our partnership with Feefo the world’s largest verified reviews provider – to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest client reviews on their new sustainability initiative, Treefo.


For every review our clients leave, a tree will be planted. This not only allows us to gather invaluable feedback but also supports reforestation efforts and carbon offset projects globally.

Feefo has partnered with reputable climate solutions specialists Ecologi to source its tree-planting projects. Ecologi, in turn, works hand-in-hand with genuine project providers who are engaging with local communities to restore landscapes. These tree-planting projects nurture seeds to have the best chance of growing into full-grown trees. You can read more about our commitment and support on World Earth Day on our website.

Whisky Tasting, in collaboration with Vintage Acquisitions

Last night, in partnership with Vintage Acquisitions, we hosted an intimate whisky tasting evening.

Vintage Acquisitions boasts extensive experience and expertise, positioning them as a reliable guide through the entire process of cask whisky purchasing. Setting themselves apart from many competitors, they are not only brokers but also stockists of whisky. This dual role allows them to maintain a diverse inventory of whisky stocks, varying in size and age.

Their robust stock results from years of trading and building strong relationships with top distilleries across Scotland.

Whisky event. Vintage Acquisitions

Q1 2024 Market Review

In April, we released our Q1 2024 Market Review. This is available on demand by clicking and registering on the button below.

  • Discussion points:
  • What happened in 2023?
  • What happened in 2022?
  • Themes of 2024 so far
  • Year ahead
  • Further themes for 2024
  • Areas of opportunity for investors
  • Investment philosophy

Duration: 30 mins

The views and opinions expressed should not be construed as investment or financial advice. The information contained is for educational purposes only. The information contained is up-to-date and relevant as of 03/04/2024

GSB in the Press

Read here what Group Head of GSB Private, David Smylie, had to say in Private Banker International about: Unpicking the Complexities of HNW Lending.
Unpicking the Complexities of HNW Lending

David Smylie - Press

Read what Craig Ritchie, Partner at GSB, shared with Citywealth, looking at the nexus of NextGen:
– NextGen prioritises work/life balance and experiences over possessions.
– They’re more involved in investment decisions, showing interest in emerging assets like Bitcoin.
– They are increasingly aware of their inheritance and are preparing for a significant wealth transfer.
NextGen Planning: The Nexus of NextGen

Craig Ritchie - GSB Press 

Discover what Yazmin Boden, Partner at GSB, had to say in the latest Citywealth feature on uncertainty and investment terms.

The article delves into how current economic uncertainty influences clients’ preferences for long-term versus short-term investments and examines whether these preferences align with financial advisers’ recommendations.

Yazmin Boden - GSB Press

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The views and opinions expressed should not be construed as investment or financial advice. The information contained is for educational purposes only.

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