Three years of GSB

As we celebrate GSB’s 3rd anniversary, we reflect back on the last few years. From a humble beginning with just a handful of employees, we’ve developed into a robust team of nearly sixty fantastic individuals. What’s truly heartening is seeing each team member’s personal and professional growth. Their dedication to self-improvement and career advancement has been instrumental in delivering world-class experiences to all of our clients. We’ve also achieved significant milestones, such as securing our UK FCA licence, relocating to our DIFC Gate office and being recognised as the first international firm to achieve CISI Chartered FirmTM status. All of which have contributed to our growth and success

3 years of GSB

From the perspective of our diverse workforce, we can observe the following:

Advisory: As a company that prioritises culture, we’ve established a platform that spans multiple jurisdictions, enabling our advisers to assist people across various regions worldwide. We’ve cultivated a conducive work environment, adopting a positive atmosphere and providing necessary structure while supporting their pursuit of qualifications and training.


Our operations team has evolved into an integral component of our business. Initially comprising only a handful of people including Carol Monis, Head of Compliance, and Stephanie D’Costa, Investment Analyst. The team has expanded to become indispensable.

Alison Whatnall

Founding Partner, Alison Whatnall, highlights the gratification derived from creating opportunities within and beyond our industry. Emphasising GSB’s commitment to making a difference and giving back to society through meaningful charity initiatives, expressing excitement for what lies ahead:

“The most exciting part about growing GSB over the past three years has been the opportunities we have created for people who work within our industry and further afield. For me, that has been hand on heart, the most rewarding part of starting up GSB and what I love the most. At GSB, I believe we are doing something different. We are investing in what matters and giving back to society. From Evolvin WomenThe Sparkle FoundationBrothers ‘N Oars, and many more, our collaboration work has been immensely rewarding, and I am so excited for what the future holds for us.”

Ross Whatnall

Founding Partner, Ross Whatnall, recounts the journey from humble beginnings to the recognition of GSB as an industry thought leader. He underscores the collective dedication to delivering exceptional service to clients, a shared goal that will endure for years to come:

“We started with just a handful of us, but with a collective focus to make a change and difference. With that vision, we now have nearly sixty talented and creative people who proudly work and represent the values of GSB. Everyone working within our community has the common goal of ensuring we deliver exceptional service to all our fantastic clients. This will continue for many years to come. Every one of us should be proud of what we have achieved.”

Carol Monis

Head of Compliance, Carol Monis, had this to say:

“Three years ago, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, I distinctly recall looking at office spaces in the DIFC that could accommodate five of us. I did not anticipate that, fast forward to the present, we would find ourselves situated at The Gate, having grown from a team of five to nearly sixty. It’s been an absolute privilege to collaborate with the exceptional individuals who are a part of GSB, each bringing a wealth of industry experience to the table. From our inception, we have pursued excellence in our interactions with clients, stakeholders, and the community, and this commitment has yielded remarkable results. Witnessing GSB’s growth and its influence within our industry fills me with excitement and anticipation for the impactful strides yet to come.”

Stephanie D’Costa

Investment Analyst, Stephanie D’Costa, had this to say:

“Being with GSB for three years has been an incredible journey. From day one, I was thrilled about the chance to work here. Starting out fresh in the financial world let me see how everything fits together, which was a real eye-opener.

What I find most fulfilling at GSB is the chance to grow and develop. GSB takes pride in employee career progression and that’s why I’ve moved up from managing Client Impact to becoming an Investment Analyst. This rapid progress shows how much GSB believes in its people, and I’m proud to be a part of that.
The highlight of my job is working directly with clients to solve their problems and make a difference. Now, I focus on analysing investment performance, crafting new investment strategies, and managing accounts.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about the future at GSB and the opportunities that lie ahead for all of us.”

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