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Discover personalised wealth management with GSB Private. Access bespoke financial solutions and exclusive products. Download our guide now to enhance your financial future with expert advice.

Discover tailored finance solutions with our guide. Access exclusive mortgages, asset-backed lending, and luxury asset financing for expats and high-net-worth individuals. Download now for simplified, bespoke solutions.

Unlock the potential of your investments with our GSB Private: Asset Backed Lending guide. Learn how to leverage your assets for quick, flexible, and low-cost loans. 

Private Banking offers enhanced services to high-net-worth individuals and businesses, while External Asset Managers offer customised asset management to high—and ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Returning to the UK? Discover everything you need to know to avoid any expensive surprises in the future.

Quarterly market updates

In Q1, worldwide stock markets recorded significant increases, buoyed by a resilient US economy and sustained excitement around Artificial Intelligence. 

In Q3, global equities fell after earlier gains, as UK inflation control neared interest rate peaks, signaling sustained high rates and attractive fixed-income yields since 2008.

On November 22, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented the 2023 Autumn Statement, aligning with an improved economic outlook. Focused on ‘growth,’ Hunt utilised higher tax revenue to support 110 growth initiatives.

In Q3, global equities dipped after strong H1 gains, as UK inflation control hinted at prolonged high rates, boosting prospects for high-yield fixed-income investments.

Halfway through 2023, the 2nd quarter offered a mixed financial landscape, contrasting with Q1’s strong start, as some markets thrived and others lost momentum.

Q1 2023 saw global equities rebound despite financial turmoil and challenges like Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and rising interest rates, which increased recession risks amid central banks’ inflation battles.

2022 was tough for investors, but Q4 showed optimism for 2023. This update reviews Q4’s financial events and offers insights for 2023 and beyond.

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