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Chief Executive Officer

Location: Dubai, UAE
Department: Leadership
The Line Manager: The Board
Position Type: Full


Our mission is to create, protect, and grow wealth. But only in the most ethical and responsible ways possible. GSB work with a number of private banks and institutions to provide banking, investment and credit solutions for high-net-worth clients.

Our philosophy is underpinned by four guiding principles:

  • Culture First: We’re here to build a better world of work while supporting people’s financial, physical, professional and social well-being.
  • Community Led: We’re here to contribute to the economic and social betterment of the communities in which we invest, operate and serve.
  • Governance Driven: We’re here to enhance policies and practices relating to our purpose, philosophy, ethics and accountability as a business.
  • Foresight Set: We’re here to continually improve the value we create for all our stakeholders through informed product and service innovation.

The role of the Chief Executive Officer provides leadership for all aspects of GSB’s operations in UAE with an emphasis on long-term goals, growth, profit, and return on investment, but only in the most ethical way possible.



  • Responsible for all activities, including administration, operation and growth of GSB UAE, by implementing the strategic business objectives approved by the Board.
  • In charge of the management of GSB in accordance with the principles and guidelines agreed with the Board.
  • Actively promote the Company’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) mainly through People & Culture Policies.

Corporate Governance

  • Ensure that business is conducted with due regard to the interests of all stakeholders through good organisational governance.
  • Ensures the Company’s full compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards.
  • Planning the structure for decisions on business strategy to be taken by the Board.
  • Presents regular reports on the status of the company’s operations to the Board of Directors and Employees.
  • Regularly liaises with the regulator, DFSA, and ensures implementation in GSB of any new mandates in the appropriate time frame.
  • Ensures GSB follows international best practices in all dealings internally and externally.

Planning and management

  • Prepare and execute the strategic and annual plans whilst ensuring that these are officially revised to reflect any changes.
  • Works with the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team to establish short-term objectives and long-range goals.
  • Ensuring the Company operates not only ethically but also in an economical manner and implementing an annual budget and cost framework for activities.
  • In collaboration with the Finance function, prepare financial reports and accounts, including records on the preparation of quarterly and annual accounts in line with applicable accounting rules and internal policies.
  • Reviews the financial results, comparing them with the company’s objectives and taking appropriate measures to correct any unsatisfactory performance.
  • Develops a robust people strategy which incorporates the following: a succession plan for key roles in the organisation, retention initiatives and manpower plan to ensure adequate resources are in place.

Other duties:

  • Responsible for the leadership and management of all employees within GSB and third-party providers of outsourced functions.
  • Responsible for the development of all employees.
  • Ensure effective communication of GSB’s brand externally and pursue accreditations 
to enhance GSB’s reputation for all stakeholders.
  • Performs other related duties to benefit the mission of GSB within the industry and the 
wider community through CSR programmes.
  • Partnering with other GSB entities on varying initiatives.
  • Where appropriate, aligning GSB with the Chartered Institute of Securities Investment 
(CISI) professionalism ethos.

Experience & Skills

  • Minimum of 15 years of demonstrable industry experience.
  • Experience in leadership roles.
  • A business degree is preferred but not essential.
  • CISI Level 7 Chartered Wealth Manager or Chartered Financial Planner would be preferred; however, as a minimum, the candidate should have the UK level 4 diploma in Financial Advice.
  • Experience working for a Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regulated business.
  • Fosters collaboration and successfully motivates diverse groups of people.
  • Growth mindset.

Organisational Knowledge

  • Complete alignment with GSB culture and brand behaviours.
  • Working knowledge of internal systems and policies & procedures.

Applications are to be sent to

Closing date: 31st October 2023.

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