Grant Bergman

Global Head of GSB Capital


Grant brings extensive expertise with over 18 years of investment banking experience in London, having previously twice launched and led private company advisory teams where he advised on a number of global transactions.

Prior to that, he spent over a decade advising large and mid-cap listed corporate clients, including major retail and hotel chains. He is also an entrepreneur at heart, having managed two high-growth investment vehicles and co-founded a number of start-ups, having assisted in scaling several of his own startups and portfolio companies exit. He brings a unique and holistic approach, having advisory, investment and operational experience and knowledge of both early and later-stage company lifecycles. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Postgraduate Degree in Enterprise Management.

Grant is Global Head of GSB Capital, a team supporting corporate clients with their M&A and growth capital (both debt and equity) advisory requirements as well as the soon to be launched co-investment vehicle which will be directly looking to take stakes in disruptive and impactful businesses alongside the globe’s best funders.

Quick Q&A

What is your favourite thing about working for GSB?
Trustworthy, ethical-minded, and dynamic people are all aligned to do the best we possibly can for our clients and for the planet.

When did you move to Dubai?

July 2024

What is your favourite country you’ve visited?

I love Thailand, really friendly people and my kids love being on the beaches there. My home country of South Africa and specifically the Western Cape still take the cake for me though

What was your first job?

I ran my own business when I was 13, where I paid my friends to sell bin bags door to door (the poor grannies felt sorry for us, and we made some good pocket money)

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I really wanted to be a doctor like my father, but I couldn’t (even nearly) get the required grades, so I became an Investment Banker instead. My brother, on the other hand, ended up getting a doctorate in Rocket Science (you can guess which one is my parent’s favourite)

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