Andie Cobley

Group Chief People & Culture Office


With over 20 years of professional experience Andie’s career spans financial services, the legal sector, education, medical devices and even the UK military and UK police! Andie joins GSB from a retail bank in the UK having previously worked for an insurance company in the UAE (DIFC). Andie is a Member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and has a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management.

Andie is the Group Chief People & Culture Officer and looks after our people strategy to support the continuous growth of the company and ensure that our guiding principle of ‘culture first’ is embedded in all that we do.


Quick Q&A

What is your favourite thing about working for GSB?
The entrepreneurial spirit and shared commitment to being a force for good driving positive change.

What is your favourite country you’ve visited?
Italy – I feel it’s my spiritual home!

What was your first job?
Working in a shoe shop, aged 12 in the town I grew up in

What did you want to be when you were younger?
I desperately wanted to be in musical theatre, but lack of talent got in the way!

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